Salsaventura Franchise Program

Are you a dancecompany owner that is looking for a proven system that can help you grow your business? 

Would you like to get access to one of the best and easy to use Student Administration Systems that takes 5 minutes to explain to a new employee?

And are you looking for support from professionals in the field that have been running their dancecompanies for over 20+ years and have proven to survive any season in business despite any circumstances?

Then you are at the right spot! 

Salsaventura offers the solution with the Salsaventura Franchise program!


Salsaventura has been specializing in teaching and organizing dance classes for 20+ years

One of our missions is to make the life of dance instructors and dancecompany owners easier by offering organizational, logistical and commercial support in teaching dance. Our goal is to dance professionals the opportunity to concentrate as much as possible on their core task: Teaching dance and organizing dance classes.

This support takes place in 4 key areas:

  • Student administration
  • Class program
  • Marketing
  • Support & Advise

1. Student Administration

Entering student information, keeping track of the occupation during the dance lessons, keeping track on payments, creating your class schedules online and offline can all become such a hassle that you might sometimes lose the fun in running a dancecompany. 

Research has shown that only 30% of all dance schools have a professional administration package and that only 5% are really satisfied with it. The remaining 70% still do paper or excel administration.

We offer you a user-friendly student administration system with which you can arrange all your affairs in an instant. Online registrations, payments, making class schedules simple, exporting data to Excel and much, much more.

2. Teaching Program

There are 3 factors that determine the quality of your dance lessons:

1. Location
2. Teacher (s)
3. Teaching program

90% of all dance schools focus primarily on the 1st and 2nd pillar. The 3rd pillar is often forgotten, with all its consequences.

As a Franchise Partner you will get full access to our online teaching program. 

3. Marketing

No matter how beautiful the venue where you teach is, no matter how good your dance classes are, if nobody knows about it, it is all a waste of time (and money)!

The world we live in is changing faster and faster and so is the way in which people get their information. And so it is important that you conduct strong marketing that fits the time in which we live.

By using the franchise program you get the brand name Salsaventura and all the benefits that come with it.

In addition to the possibility of running an active online marketing campaign, you get the following benefits:

  • Your own landing page on for the region in which you are active
  • Your own Facebook page for your region
  • Mention of your activities on the Salsaventura Facebook page and group in your country
  • Standard inclusion in our online marketing program on social media and google
  • Mention of the free trial lessons and start of the lessons in the various marketing expressions online and offline

4. Support

Do you need support in putting up a Teachers team, do you have any questions about venue management, are you wondering what marketing tool works best for any given situation? We give you all the support you need both online and offline. 

Interested? Please concact us at: